IEC Telecom supports Aqua Nor 2019

6 August, 2019

The aquaculture industry within Scandinavia is a fast-growing sector which embraces new technology and is at the cutting edge of innovation.   IEC Telecom is working with various partners to develop inventive solutions which meet the needs of this pioneering industry.   Modern aquaculture is very much a knowledge industry,

IEC Telecom Europe nominated at the prestigious Global Compact France Award

17 July, 2019

Since its launch in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact has shaped up to be the biggest international initiative for sustainable development with more than 13,000 participants from 170 countries. UN Global Compact participants have significant impact and are leading the way to implement responsible corporate practices and develop innovative

IEC Telecom Europe takes up the 2019 Challenge Contre La Faim

26 May, 2019

As part of our strategic vision to be an integral part of the vibrant communities we operate in, IEC Telecom Europe is committed to humanitarian causes across the globe. Besides ensuring stable communications, IEC Telecom Europe has time and again been a community partner where it matters most. This year,

Meet IEC Telecom at the 10th International Multihull Boat Show

23 April, 2019

It’s that time of the year again. All boats lead to the La Grande-Motte in France between April 24th and 28th. Set among beautiful catamarans and trimarans floating in the water, the 10th International Multihull Boat Show promises a great time for everyone in the global marine market. And when

IEC Telecom to speak about digital transformation at Middle East OSJ Conference

16 April, 2019

More than 110 attendees from offshore business sectors will be participating at the 6th Middle East Offshore Support Journal Conference taking place in Dubai this year. From vessel operators to financial institutions, the participants will reflect on key developments and achievements in 2018 as well as share their outlook for