Digital Transformation – a goal or the beginning of a long journey?

25 September, 2019

The maritime sector is sailing speedily towards digitalization – but is that transformation the end goal or in fact the beginning of a much longer journey?


Nabil Ben Soussia, IEC Telecom’s Vice President – Maritime, will investigate this idea in his presentation at Digital Ship CIO Forum in Singapore on October 10.


Singapore has some of the world’s most connected communities, one of the most digital governments and a large maritime industry, which is currently going through big digital changes. CIO Forum willl consider where does the industry really need to go with its digital transformation? What role will the IT leadership play? And how do we make cyber resilience easier to achieve?


Bringing IEC Telecom’s vast experience of developing and implementing successful digital communication solutions, Mr Ben Soussia will outline what he sees as the opportunities, considerations and dangers faced by the maritime sector as it transforms to meet future demands.


Join us at this influential event at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel to find out more.