Firmware update of BGAN Hughes 9211

6 Июль, 2017 Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9211-HDR

Hughes released the update for the BGAN 9211. This upgrade is compulsory to fix a problem that has caused some hardware failures.
It also adds new features such as NAPT and adds support for the MEAS satellite.

New features since the release

  • Correct the power on/off sequencing to prevent power transients that can cause component failures in some scenarios.
  • NAPT Mode is added to allow multiple devices to share a single PDP context.
    When NAPT mode is enabled, an Always On context is automatically set up by default, allowing operation with no further configuration. DMZ and Port
    Forwarding can be configured if necessary from the new Port Forwarding page under the Settings tab.
  • Added support for the MEAS satellite at 64°E. Note that in China the APAC satellite must be used even if MEAS is closer. In the Russian
    Federation, MEAS must be used even if EMEA is closer.
  • Added support for the new 9202M class 2 terminal.
  • SVN for the release is 5.

Web UI changes

  • NAPT is added as an option in the Netmode field of the IP Address/DHCP page.
    • When in NAPT mode, the ACA page is hidden.
  • A new Port Forwarding Page appears under Settings with the following fields:
  • DMZ enable/disable and DMZ Host Address.
  • 8 Port forwarding rules with: Global port, protocol (TCP/UDP/Both), Local Address and Local port.
  • When NAPT is enabled, static and dynamic ACA is turned off and on the M2M
    page the Always On context is turned On with the Static ACA IP Address greyed
    out as it does not apply.
  • Added a new M2M page. This allows the configuration of the context watchdog and always on context which are useful features for unmanned terminals.
  • A Connection field is added to the General Setup page of the Web UI to allow the UT to be configured to operate on a single satellite.


The update can be downloaded here.