ICOM Satellite PTT radio walkie-talkie available for pre-order at IEC Telecom

23 June, 2019

IEC Telecom is thrilled to present ICOM IC-SAT100, a single mode PTT radio walkie-talkie that offers real-time communications all over the world on the Iridium network. With this simple land mobile radio, users can easily stay in touch with a talk group or preprogrammed emergency call numbers at the touch of a button. The ICOM IC-SAT100 is largely independent of terrestrial infrastructure, and therefore, offers truly real time and low latency communications.


A highly durable handheld radio, the IC-SAT100 is full Mil Std 810F and IP67 dust, shock, and moisture resistant, and offers secure conversations with AES 256-bit encryption. It comes with a removable, replaceable, and flexible antenna, and a dependable battery that offers a standby time of 14.5 hours and talk time of 7 hours. Moreover, the voice communications are crisp and clear with a large high audio front facing speaker, built-in bluetooth and GPS receiver, and a multiple language display.


The handset is fully compatible with other Iridium PTT models, including Extreme PTT and operates well with IDAS and analog radios through the optional VE-PG4, RoIP gateway. Pre-order your handset today !