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Government Solutions

18 September, 2014

Public institutions, civil governement agencies and defense corps depend on secure and reliable communications to achieve mission success.   Whether their operations focus on emergency response, humanitarian aid, intelligence, security or defense, governments need high performance communications solutions which are flexible, robust and rapidly put in place.


Maritime Solutions

17 September, 2014

Onboard reliable connectivity at sea   By offering a vast range of satellite solutions available worldwide, IEC Telecom is capable of providing to any maritime user with reliable and advanced communications systems and helps them maintain connectivity while navigating on any ocean.   We meet with any maritime business’ challenges


Humanitarian Solutions

17 September, 2014

Ensuring essential communications access   When dealing with a crisis, humanitarian organizations are usually facing a breakdown of conventional communications networks which can severely restrict fast and effective delivery of aid into the field.   Satellite communications provide humanitarian teams with reliable and rapidly deployable solutions wherever they are located,