IEC Welfare

The unique fully integrated platform developed by IEC Telecom to manage and optimize your communications. Powered by Yahlick and enhanced by IEC Telecom, IEC Welfare combines a controlled welfare and a secure corporate link in one solution.

IEC Welfare provides secured link for corporate communications. Manage bandwidth, monitor usage consumption and control your budget in real time. In addition, benefit from our experienced 24/7 customer support.


Provide your hard-working crew with scratch cards for high-quality on demand data access. IEC Welfare will keep your team connected, enabling access to messengers, social media, web browsing, infotainment and more. Scratch cards are available as 1, 5 and 10 GB packages.

Enable digital oil field: optimize workflow and decrease operational costs

Enjoy higher bandwidths at a competitive price

Manage corporate network and control welfare access

Provide easy internet access for crew members and contractors via scratch cards offering flexible data bundles