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Inmarsat BGAN M2M

A reliable, global, two-way IP data service designed for long-term machine-to-machine management of fixed and mobile assets.

Connects monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, giving you full visibility and management of your dispersed assets across an entire operational area.

BGAN M2M satellite service is designed for remote equipment communication with amazingly low communication costs of 1 to 2 cents per Kilobyte transferred. Using the Hughes 9502, or the Explorer 540, the Wideye Ranger, and now the Hughes 9450 In-Motion, any remote valve, pump, ATM, traffic light, credit card terminal, moving truck or vehicle, or any other device can be monitored and controlled anywhere on the globe with a very low monthly subscription fee starting at $23.99 USD per month with the 2 MB plan.

►No Long-Term Contracts – All monthly plans have month-to-month billing.
►BGAN M2M service is a full-time 24 x 7 full-speed 464 Kbps open TCP-IP Internet connection.
►BGAN M2M operates like any Internet connection, but designed for remote unmanned equipment.
►Minimum billing increment is 1 Kilobyte mag glass (and not 100 Kilobytes as with standard BGAN service).
►Ideal for low-bandwidth remote communication that uses from 2 to 50 Megabytes per month.
►No term commitments on monthly plans! Cancel or restart anytime with month-to-month billing.
►Multiple Sites? Buy “Pooled Megabyte” plans for multiple terminals. An excellent cost saver – more
►BGAN M2M does not charge for network overhead communication, such as a connection charge.
►High-speed data capable with up to 464 Kbps speeds – no bottlenecks if speed is needed.
►Global Coverage – Monitor/control global assets with one service provider – Ground Control.
►Teleport firewall stops all unauthorized incoming traffic from entering the satellite link by default.
►A whitelist of IPs (provided by subscriber) opens authorized traffic TO the BGAN terminal. info
►Fully TCP-IP routable to any IP address and allowed incoming IP addresses (with Static-Public IP).
►Protocols supported – TCP, UDP, ICMP, SKIP, GRE, ESP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS.
►Realtime communication with latency (ping time) from 900 to 1800 milliseconds.
►SMS Control – BGAN M2M terminals may be controlled with SMS messaging via Wide-Beam.
►Designed for M2M, SCADA or any device that needs to be monitored or controlled 24 x 7 x 365.
►Static IP addresses are available and necessary if remote access to connected equipment is needed.

Affordable service plans

Compact & Robust terminals

Easy to install, it is designed to perform even in harsh conditions

Send Data with low latency

Ensuring real-time visibility of critical data

Worldwide Coverage