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Inmarsat IsatHub

More than just a Wi-Fi Hotspot – Bring Your Own Device

Inmarsat IsatHub is designed to provide smartphones, tablets or laptops with a seamless Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere on the planet, independently from existing cellular or fixed networks.

IsatHub enables up to 10 users to talk, and access to the Internet on any mobile devices, anywhere on earth simultaneously under the extensive coverage of Inmarsat network.

Offering data speeds up to 384 kbps and service availability of more than 99.9%, IsatHub is easy to set up and offers Wi-Fi connectivity within a 30 meters radius.
Accessible through Apple or Android phones, users just have to download the control app to establish instant connectivity and benefit from reliable voice and data connectivity.


IsatHub even provide visibility of data usage from each device sharing the connection and enables to access control and usage tools and alerts to enhance cost management.


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