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Global, fast and reliable satellite-based Push-To-Talk service. Keep connected with your teams on the field!



Iridium Push-to-Talk is a truly global, truly mobile push-to-talk system. Leveraging the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) delivers low-latency group communication at the push of a button — anywhere on the planet.
Iridium’s global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satel-lites lets users connect anywhere on the planet in the same way as they would with local terrestrial–based trunked radio systems — without having to build infrastructure.


Using the Iridium PTT Command Center, the administrator can define coverage areas and user talkgroups quickly and easily, as well as make changes on the fly within seconds.
The Iridium PTT service is based on various subscription plans, all based on the size of coverage for PTT service (km²).



Advanced Billing System: OptiSIM

Completely independent from terrestrial or cellular network

Cost-effective Solution

Easy to Use

Economical hardware and service plans

Worldwide Coverage