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Ku-Band – VSAT Services

OptiLINK Ku includes all IEC Telecom Ku-band VSAT satellite services.

Based on a  multi-network approach, OptiLINK Ku enables users to enjoy broadband connectivity anywhere, at any time regardless of existing networks and local infrastucture.

Offering user’s unlimited voice and data usage with speeds of up to 12 Mbps and accessible worldwide.

OptiLINK Ku is ideal for users needing intense and unlimited usage for high consumption applications. Our solutions can be tailored to any specific need and customized to suit bandwidth requirements and budgetary limitations. OptiLINK Ku can be used as primary link or as back-up solution for critical business applications.


OptiLINK Ku users can rely on dedicated bandwidth (guaranteed throughput on your link) or shared bandwidth (with theorical maximum throughput available) with 99.5% network availability.


OptiLINK Ku  service is designed for fixed location users or mobile users, and requires the deployment of a VSAT antenna with diameter from 120 cm  to 240 cm plus a satellite modem.
The satellite link can be activated on demand, at short notice and users benefit from a fixed monthly fee whatever their data consumption is.


OptiLINK Ku – Quick Deploy is a specific option allowing users to use their satellite link on a occasional use basis, on-demand and with specific compact and easy to deploy antenna that permit high mobility.
Our quick-deploy solution is particularly popular among humanitarian or medias users when a crisis or spectacular event happens.


The expert IEC Telecom team can tailor a proposal to suit specific needs and constraints and can provide help  from the start of any project.

High Throughput - over 20 Mbps

Ideal for intense of unlimited usage

Large range of available terminals

Quick & Easy to set-up

Deploy any BGAN in few minutes

Reliable communications services

Peace-of-mind telecommunications solution - You can rely on it at any time


Support all VPN and encryption standard

We master logistics and delivery wherever you are

Wide Range of Turnkey Solutions

Worldwide Coverage