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Thuraya IP Commander

Vehicular satellite terminal for any terrain. The Thuraya IP Commander is ideal for military, government and civil defense applications.





The Thuraya IP Commander is a rugged terminal with a MIL-SPEC feature set that has been engineered to enable mission-critical voice and data connectivity in the most extreme conditions. Thuraya IP Commander  is ideal for military, government and civil defense applications.


Simple, quick and easy-to-install on any vehicle, data and voice connectivity can be achieved within minutes, providing reliable access across Thuraya’s satellite network. The Thuraya IP Commander enables reliable real-time two-way communications. Furthermore, it enables connectivity and interoperability over a wide range of communication platforms, providing network access, email/file transfer as well as supporting secure communications using government approved IP encryption devices.


Thuraya IP Commander achieves standard IP up to 444 kbps  and streaming IP up to 384 kbps.

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Additional Features

Address book, alarms, calculator, calendar, call logs, conference calls...

Advanced Billing System: OptiSIM

Affordable service plans

Compact & Robust terminals

Easy to install, it is designed to perform even in harsh conditions

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Streaming IP Connectivity

Guaranteed bandwidth to use video conferencing applications