Technical Tips




Here are some services available for Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro/IsatPhone 2:

Check your balance on an IsatPhone: Dial *106#

Check your balance on a BGAN: Dial the 00870772000591




IEC Telecom customers can benefit from Thuraya services such as :

Find your prepaid SIM card phone number or recharge it: Dial 150

Check your balance: Dial 151

Reach your Voicemail: Dial 123

Thuraya free call test service: Dial 11112




Benefit from the Iridium service to test your satellite phone to ensure that it is functioning properly. Call : +1 480 752 5105 for free!

You also have the opportunity to send free SMS to Iridium satellite handheld


Check your balance: send an empty SMS to 2888




Click here to send SMS for free to Globalstar handheld.

Benefit from the Call Times tool to view Globalstar call times for your locations and save, print or email call time reports. The Call Times Tool lets you know when you can send and receive calls at any location on earth.


Check your balance: Dial *888

Yahsat Full Color



Monitor your DATA usage of your Yahclick link.





Book and follow up online your Eutelsat link:



Don’t forget that you can contact our support team on what’s app at the address: IEC Support WhatsApp : +971 50 242 4238

You can also contact us via our ticketing system :