Thuraya IP Commander

25 March, 2016

Vehicular satellite terminal for any terrain. The Thuraya IP Commander is ideal for military, government and civil defense applications.    

Inmarsat BGAN Explorer 710

Inmarsat Explorer 710

26 February, 2015

Ultra-Portable BGAN with High Data Rate streaming (HDR) Quality. Ideal terminal for intense usage or live video broadcasters.

OptiLINK Ka - Ka-band VSAT Solution

Inmarsat Global Xpress

2 December, 2014

OptiLINK KA – Global Xpress is a revolutionary KA-band VSAT service powered by Inmarsat, available worldwide enabling maximum mobility and flexibility.

OptiLINK Ka – Newsspotter

26 November, 2014

A high quality news gathering satellite designed to provide an on-demand and flexible service, for highly mobile users.

Inmarsat BGAN range - Land

Inmarsat BGAN Range – Land

24 October, 2014

Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) is a satellite-based network offering simultaneous broadband data and voice connectivity via mobile/portable or vehicular modems.    

Thuraya IP +

Thuraya IP +

21 October, 2014

Always-on mobile broadband connectivity! The high-speed IP capabilities of the Thuraya IP + make it the ideal solution for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as Broadcast media, defense, telemedicine or disaster response.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband Range

Inmarsat FleetBroadband

15 October, 2014

Inmarsat FleetBroadband (FBB) offers broadband connectivity for maritime users wherever they are located under the extended coverage of Inmarsat I-4 satellite. Based on the BGAN service, FleetBroadband provide a cost-effective solution for voice and broadband data needs at sea.

Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9211-HDR

Inmarsat Hughes 9211-HDR

30 September, 2014

High Data Rate (HDR) mobile satellite terminal with voice and WiFi access point.