As a globally trusted satellite partner, IEC Telecom offers an unparalleled level of transparency and flexibility for a complete satellite communications lifecycle alongside innovative and custom-designed solutions for customers across all sectors. We consistently provide a high level of personal service by working closely with suppliers at the local level and are able to support your critical operations with our rapid logistics.

Our cost-saving approaches and unique network of technologies ensure secure and flexible network management with specific modules and applications. You can easily create a custom solution and access our onsite surveys, testing, and analysis as per your evolving satellite communication needs. Connect alternative solutions such as WiMax, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and more with your satellite network, and activate SIM cards and lines as required.

IEC Telecom’s flexible engineering consulting guarantees performance and service (SLA). Alongside comprehensive scheduled maintenance plans, easily upgrade or downgrade your service with commercial assistance and, if required, quickly coordinate follow-ups with a dedicated project manager for your specific needs.

Key Features
Pre-sales Analysis: Choose or create a custom solution for your evolving satellite communication requirements. Access onsite surveys, testing, and analysis as per your location constraints, and evaluate any potential integration of legacy networks and systems.
Constant Monitoring and Assistance: Detect any issues in your connections with constant link monitoring. Ensure the continuity of critical applications and connectivity with a back-up solution to automatically take over the primary link in the event of a failure.
Comprehensive Maintenance: Prevent potential issues with scheduled visits, on-demand assistance, and a maintenance plan. Ensure optimal system performance with onsite installation, mainly for VSAT, and technical maintenance for deployed hardware.