OptiACCESS is an integrated data compression and emailing software platform offered by IEC Telecom that enables email access 15 times faster than any other service and saves 85% on satellite airtime. With OptiACCESS, you can quickly receive emails, weather updates, social media and blogging notifications, and browse websites cost-effectively. Maximize your web access in terms of data and time with blocked ads, automatic disconnection, and integrated email reports.

Optimize your social media and blogging experience and quickly set up social media and blogging accounts directly with OptiACCESS. Experience social media minus ads. The XWeb portal blocks ads, compresses texts and images, and deletes wallpapers to save loading time.

OptiACCESS software is available for download alongside optional hardware for an enhanced experience. Easily sync devices on an L-Band connection with the Optimizer. Not only does the Optimizer quickly integrate with OptiACCESS, it automatically enables geolocation services.

Key Features
Email Management: Start your satellite connection when you need it, and automatically stop the connection upon receipt of your emails. Your usual email address or a new one via Outlook, Apple Mail, or any other messaging application is supported.
Data Compression: OptiACCESS BigMail notifies you of large file attachments so you can decide when you wish to download. All messages are automatically scanned for viruses and spam, and can be pre-blocked. Web pages load 3 to 5 times faster with blocked ads and deleted wallpapers.
Weather Forecasting: GRIB integrates weather file request applications within OptiACCESS. Visualize and select information about itinerary, satellite images, and related weather forecasts via email files for a single trip.