OptiSIM is a secured (SSL) cloud-based solution offered by IEC Telecom that enables account management for all satellite lines (SIM cards, VSAT links or devices). With OptiSIM, you have 24/7 access to your billing history, call logs for prepaid and postpaid accounts, and consumption reports. You can also activate or deactivate lines, set consumption limits and alerts and create specific reports based on your search criteria for a complete snapshot of your communication activities.

OptiSIM is accessible via a unique login and password and offers a complete snapshot of all SIM cards or lines adjusted per deployed fleet in terms of dates, call types, network usage, and more. Detailed summaries are also available for each SIM card or line.

Moreover, OptiSIM enables the customization of notifications and alerts for high usage, low balance, expiration dates, and more for each SIM card.

Key Features
Provisioning: Easily make requests on your SIM cards, activate or deactivate lines, add prepaid credit and manage postpaid plans. All the specific orders are executed within the predefined SLA.
Account Management & Follow Up: Access call history, monitor usage (per MB, minute or USD), create consumption alerts, and edit account names or devices for invoicing clarity. All reports can be customized according to selected search criteria.
Billing & Invoicing: Receive monthly invoices (PDF/Excel), manage invoice currency, consult comprehensive consumption for all lines and export past invoices (unlimited history).