Digitalisation redefines the way the maritime sector functions. To gain a competitive edge, vessel owners need to stay in touch with the crew, be able to remotely update onboard software while complying with IMO standards for cyber security, and still keep operational costs at an optimum level. OptiSoft checks all these marks in one go and is affordable for all vessel types.

OptiSoft is a comprehensive application suite by IEC Telecom, offering a wide range of communication services optimised for the maritime sector. It provides a set of solutions for cost-effective communication and data exchange, including email management and data transfer applications. OptiSoft also helps vessel owners to comply with IMO regulations by offering antivirus services as well as applications that support remote configuration and vessel administration.

Virtual portal for network management and apps administration
Cost-effective email service for small vessels
Cutting-edge antivirus solution for remote networks
Email service for vessels with multiple users
Bi-directional ­file-transfer service for sea-shore data replication