IEC Telecom to participate at LofotFishing 2023

IEC Telecom to participate at LofotFishing 2023

06 Mar 2023

IEC Telecom is heading to the Arctic Circle for LofotFishing, the definitive event on the Norway fishing industry’s calendar. Northern Norway’s International Fisheries Exhibition is taking place at Kong Øystein Hall, Kabelvåg, Norway, from March16th to 18th, 2023. IEC Telecom has been a part of this iconic gathering of fishermen, fish farmers, and exhibitors for many years and will be displaying products designed specifically for the maritime market.

Extending accessible, affordable, and adaptable solutions for Norway’s significant fishing community, IEC Telecom will showcase its brand new Xpand Portfolio, powered by Starlink, which delivers high-speed connectivity at sea along with network management functionality. Starlink’s low-latency communications services are complemented by value-added services and apps within the Xpand Portfolio to deliver the same quality of service using a fraction of the data as compared to popular software. From flawless videoconferencing to hands-free video-streaming to advanced video surveillance, all IEC Telecom applications remain fully operational even over L-band back-up, guaranteeing business continuity onboard the vessel. Besides, IEC Telecom has geared up to present its wide portfolio of satellite communications products, including safety equipment and tracking solutions as well as state-of-the-art onboard IoT, remote maintenance, and  VSAT solutions.

Find out more about such fantastic fishing solutions from IEC Telecom by visiting us at Kong Øystein Hall.

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