Supplying reliable, flexible, and superior connectivity is essential to today’s offshore sector. We are able to provide the dedicated support you need, tailored to meet your individual requirements, with the added confidence that the quality connectivity you receive is backed up by our secure network, including robust safeguards like Starlink maritime cybersecurity and offshore maritime communication protocols.
For more than 20 years, we have been helping our offshore customers with their communication needs. Thanks to our quality high-speed maritime VSAT services, we are able to keep your communication costs down while ensuring your assets comply with the latest regulations.
Our latest connectivity technologies, enhanced by Starlink maritime cybersecurity measures, will allow you to monitor your operations, collect big data via IoT, and facilitate offshore analysis for fast results in real-time. With remote access, you will gain superior information gathering functionalities as well as the ability to constantly supervise machinery and vital data, enable telemedicine systems, and carry out remote diagnostics.
We will offer end-point security with central management and offshore threat management systems to ensure cyber protection protocols, thereby safeguarding your operations against potential threats. You will never be out of touch with how your offshore asset is performing.
Our solutions will provide managed end-to-end communications carefully targeted to meet your specific budget and requirements. We will offer your offshore crew access to high-quality on-demand data and voice service via their own connectivity packages on scratch cards with fleet roaming capabilities, bolstered by offshore maritime communication enhancements for seamless connectivity at sea.

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Digitalised operations and automated data processes mean greater efficiency gains and environmental advantages. Our latest connectivity technologies help to monitor your operations – essential at a time when the oil and gas sector is under increasing scrutiny.

Big Data can be collected and assessed using Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to facilitate better communication with offshore analysis for fast results in real-time. In addition, remote access from shore enables superior information gathering.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a high priority. We offer both offshore and onshore threat management systems to maximise protection.

We also offer end-point security with central management and local distribution of updates to minimise bandwidth usage.

Putting You in Control

Our state-of-the-art systems mean you are never out of touch with how your offshore asset is performing. We can provide:

• A live and continuous overview of your installation or vessel’s status and bandwidth usage via a central dashboard

• Detailed scheduled or on-demand usage reporting that helps you detect any misuse or unfair data usage onboard ship

• A Central Filters Management capability

• A local dashboard to help owners, managers and welfare groups support seafarers while at sea.


Our systems can keep your offshore team happy while limiting your communication costs using our complete network control. Our OneGate system enables your offshore crew to access high-quality on-demand data and voice services, including VoIP, web browsing, emails, global news services and Video on Demand (VOD). They can choose their own connectivity packages to suit their specific needs.

This level of individual connectivity helps to improve crew morale, productivity and efficiency and boost retention rates. We offer voice and data scratch cards with fleet roaming capability.

In addition, our real-time facilities enable Telemedicine systems and Remote Diagnostics to be used.


Our comprehensive global satellite communication portfolio enables us to meet the needs and budgets of our clients. We offer Ku, Ka and L-Band coverage across the world’s shipping routes, guaranteeing high data speeds and bandwidth at all times.

Our backup systems mean we can retain minimal connectivity when the VSAT is down. The MSS backup link will be restricted to emails by default (IEC home networks only) and a credit limit can be set up to avoid bill shock.

The system will always select best available link whether 3G, VSAT or L-Band.

Remote Maintenance

IEC Telecom provides a range of solutions for remote monitoring, allowing staff to constantly supervise machinery and other vital data and take action when necessary. This is particularly important on oil and gas rigs in remote areas, where a fault with mission-critical machinery could halt production and cost a business millions of dollars.

Our systems enable maintenance schedules to be optimised and improve the efficiency of operations.


IEC Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; both online and via telephone.

The entire service experience, from sales to installation and maintenance to upgrade, comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect. IEC Telecom’s focus is giving you an exceptional service experience, allowing you to concentrate on what you know best – your business.