With renewable energy uptake accelerating and innovations like electric vehicles gaining mainstream attention, the oil and gas business has to change its way of operating to stay sustainable and competitive. Digitalization is the only way forward. New applications allow you to DIGITIZE, OPTIMIZE, AND AUTOMATE PROCESSES THAT SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND INCREASE SAFETY. At the same time, a lot of exploration sites are based in areas where telecommunication infrastructures are often unreliable or unavailable. Moreover, the constant change in locations and the challenging site conditions mean that implementing terrestrial communications can be both costly and impractical.

Our satellite solutions will enable digitalization even in the most remote areas and provide RELIABLE BACK UP FOR GSM-CONNECTED IN-LAND SITES.  The digital oil field is no longer a concept, but a reality, opening new horizons for your business. We’ll create a DEDICATED VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR DIGITAL OPERATIONS, including teleconferencing, telemedicine, remote maintenance and more. In addition, we’ll equip your team with a user-friendly online dashboard to monitor and manage the onsite network performance.

Our advanced connectivity solutions will allow for the timely exchange of accurate exploration data, enhance on-site productivity and decision-making processes, and automatically send M2M TRANSMISSIONS, resulting in significant cost reductions and improved asset management. Moreover, our solutions with augmented reality will offer offsite experts to guide the hands and see almost as if through the eyes of onsite technicians.

Our solutions will assure the security of workers with HEALTH TRACKERS that monitor real-time location and check biometric data. Furthermore, our communication solutions will ensure high-speed connectivity that is a significant factor in attracting the best talent.

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The exploration of oil and gas fields is both immensely complex and expensive. Energy businesses looking for deposits of oil and natural gas have to survey significant areas before test-drilling. Connectivity allows timely exchange of accurate data, helping with better decision-making.


Mobile solutions for voice and data connectivity ensure that instructions are promptly passed on to the site, allowing the head office to provide instant feedback from diagnostic tests running thousands of kilometres away. Daily productivity is improved as field staff can send and receive emails and text messages, make phone calls, and even join videoconferences while working at distant sites.


Automatically send specific measurement data and then monitor usage of your critical infrastructure remotely, avoiding costly and unnecessary site visits. M2M transmissions result in significant cost reductions and improved asset management. While remote monitoring and asset management can handle a wide variety of issues on rigs, human counselling is still very important. Solutions with Augmented Reality (AR) enable offsite experts to guide the hands and see almost as if through the eyes of onsite technicians.


Equip workers with satellite phones and other health trackers to monitor real-time location and check biometric data. In this way, whatever occurs, the location of on-site staff will always be known, allowing for a prompt response in the case of an emergency.


High-speed connectivity can help retain the right people and attract the best talent. With millennials joining a workforce, connectivity becomes a deciding factor for employment. The benefits of equipping staff with data connectivity extend far beyond socialisation. In the modern fast-paced environment, self-education has become a part of the day-to-day life, impacting both personal and professional growth.


Video intelligence helps to secure consistent performance at remote exploration sites. It offers a way to monitor the security of business facilities and to oversee of human operations onsite. Key functionalities of remote surveillance include:

24/7 monitoring of business operations, both fixed and mobile
Smart intrusion detection
3D enhanced interpretation


IEC Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online and via telephone.

The entire service experience, from sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades, comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect. IEC Telecom’s focus is to provide you with an exceptional service experience, allowing you to concentrate on what you know best – your business. Our inhouse billing portal will help you to control your budget, monitor your consumption almost in real time, and manage your different satellite telecommunication assets.