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IEC Telecom Turkey was established in 2016 to support high land and maritime satellite activities with local expertise and a global presence. This enterprise is the culmination of a long-held strategy to service key land and maritime markets supported by a proximity service. Today IEC Telecom Turkey is one the leading satellite service operators in the region.


  • Our portfolio includes a wide range of satellite products (from handsets to VSAT services), solutions, and value-added services. In addition, we offer 24/7 support for satellite-based solutions during their full lifecycle
  • Our regional team, knowledgeable in satellite technologies and the industry, helps our customers reach the most accurate and effective solution
  • We provide better prices and services to our customers with the advantage of being a direct business partner of the industry’s leading satellite companies
  • We constantly deal with all end-user questions and problems with our 24/7 support team and respond to their requests as soon as possible
  • Our network experts continuously monitor and proactively manage our infrastructure that is integrated with the network systems of all satellite companies with which we work
  • With our Monitoring (remote monitoring and control), Billing (invoice and usage information), and Reporting applications, we provide information online to both our teams and end-users
  • We constantly develop solutions for customer needs with our product development team (Cyber ​​Security, Antivirus, VoIP, PBX, GPS location tracking, Weather, etc.)
  • We cooperate with leading companies in their own fields while developing products and solutions (Fortinet, Watchguard, ESET, APC, Unifi, Ciso, Yealink, 3CX, etc.)
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