When disaster strikes, rescue teams need to act fast. We work alongside all the leading rescue agencies to enable them to deploy relief teams quickly, incorporating advanced VSAT humanitarian technology.

With our expertise behind them, teams can have confidence that all satellite communications are reliable with SECURE, UNFAILING BACK-UP SYSTEMS – enabling staff to operate in the most challenging and remote conditions or dangerous regions, certain in the knowledge that our systems are tracking both people and assets.

We cater to MORE THAN 350 HUMANITARIAN SECTOR CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE with 6,000+ satellite service subscriptions, including VSAT humanitarian organizations. We can offer LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT EQUIPMENT to ensure enhanced mobility and shorter reaction time for operational units, particularly crucial for VSAT humanitarian missions.

With our Push-To-Talk solutions, communication groups will be pre-defined, enabling response teams to be connected and ready-to-act at the first call, a vital feature for VSAT humanitarian operations.

We will ENSURE THE SMOOTH OPERATION OF CAMP ADMINISTRATION with high broadband data connectivity, including satellite voice and data services, so that teams can access and share high data volume, get a VPN connection, join video conferences, and more. All of the above applications, trackable via OneGate digital dashboard, contribute to efficient camp management.

Our solutions, in collaboration with IEC Telecom, are the number one choice for humanitarian teams throughout Africa, South and Latin America, Central Asia, and Europe, as well as for emergency and first responders, middle, and long-term development missions. Together, we ensure:

  • Critical communications are maintained both on pause and on the move, facilitated by satellite voice and data services.
  • User experience is boosted with advanced network management, including satellite connectivity.
  • Operational oversight is gained through advanced fleet management tools, enhanced by satellite technology.
  • Remote assets are monitored, and personnel security is ensured via IoT and satellite-based tracking systems.
  • The reach of community programs is expanded, facilitated by the widespread coverage of satellite services.
  • Welfare connectivity for remote missions is enabled, providing essential communication lifelines via satellite voice and data services.


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NGOs and disaster response teams require mobile, flexible and easy to deploy solutions that can provide the means for communication instantly. We offer lightweight and compact equipment to ensure enhanced mobility and shorter reaction time for operational units. With our Push-To-Talk solutions, communication groups are pre-defined, enabling response teams to be connected and ready to act at the first call.

Thanks to our 24-hour service and globally responsive capabilities, IEC Telecom can activate hundreds of satellite phone SIM cards within two hours, while urgently dispatching stocks of handsets, modems and hardware to aid agency teams loading planes ready to fly out to disaster zones.


Advanced visibility and control over your remote units, enhanced safety for your staff and PTT solution for field operations.

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For longer term deployments and sustainable development missions, IEC Telecom can cover any specific need and offer high broadband data connectivity ‘DSL-like’, so that teams can access and share high data volume, get a VPN connection, join videoconferencing, etc.

From housing and food distribution, to education, medicine and waste management, all field requirements can be managed through our connectivity services. We provide agile and affordable satcom solutions, enabling data exchange between camp units and headquarters to ensure the smooth operation of camp administration. This is applicable to both the camp management teams as well as the encampment inhabitants, for whom staying in touch with family members or the ‘outside world’ is so important. Thanks to our Wi-Fi enablers, both can benefit from a ‘bring your own device’ approach, staying connected using personal gadgets.


Enable your staff to make phone calls, use messaging, access social media and browse the internet without adding to your budget. Multiple team members can share the same Wi-Fi connection and benefit from prepaid vouchers for voice and data services to stay in touch with their friends and family, stay up-to-date with recent news, or undertake routine online tasks (such as checking bank statement or making payments) while stationed in the field.


To ensure personal safety in hazardous locations, our advanced tracking solutions allow a complete live view of your front-line staff positioning. Go even further by equipping each of your team members with individual sensor-based devices which can measure and report on the physiological data of your team members in real time.

For long-term projects, IEC Telecom can support missions with comprehensive e-health and e-learning solutions. For more details please refer to the sections below.


Using satcom solutions, field missions can be equipped with mobile telemedicine hubs – enabling access to medical records and remote real-time consultations, with the facility to set up online systems for administration coordination (scheduling appointments, procurement operation, accounting etc).

E-health programs can benefit locally-stationed doctors by providing them with the opportunity to hold advisory sessions with experienced professionals based in any clinic of the world.


Lack of infrastructure disadvantages millions of children by preventing them from accessing even basic education. This is often the case for the millions of youngsters growing up in refugee camps, as well as being the experience in some areas of the developing world.

Satcom solutions provide the communication assets needed to address two core problems: lack of educators in the field and the absence of learning materials. In fact, e-learning programs are proving to be beneficial to adult learners too, helping displaced people to adapt to their new environment.


Reliable back up and technical support is essential when satellite connectivity is crucial.

IEC Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online and via telephone.

The entire service experience, from sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades, comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect. IEC Telecom’s specialist teams take care of your connectivity requirements, enabling aid agencies and those operating in remote locations to concentrate on providing the essential services needed in the field.