Whether you are a global or local enterprise, we understand how critical communications are to your business and your employees, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Our telecom enterprise solutions are designed to keep your network connected while safeguarding your commercial and personal links to the world at large.
We can solve the need for real-time management of resources, from position tracking to managing your remote assets or operations, providing you with complete visibility into all areas of the supply chain, particularly the most critical. Our enterprise telecom management solutions ensure that you have the tools and insights necessary to optimize your operations efficiently.
Moreover, our enterprise solutions serve as robust backup for terrestrial networks, offering reliability and continuity in communication even in the face of terrestrial network failures or disruptions. Our IoT-based solutions further enhance connectivity by enabling tracking, data collection, and optimization, facilitating informed decision-making processes.
In addition, our enterprise telecom solutions facilitate digitalization for remote units, empowering your organization to embrace digital transformation seamlessly. We equip your CIO and CTO with a comprehensive set of tools for remote monitoring and surveillance, ensuring that you remain in control of your operations regardless of geographical constraints. Our network management systems enable your remote sites to leverage advanced telecom enterprise solutions such as teleconferencing, telemedicine, remote maintenance, and more, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
IEC Telecom’s portfolio includes a diverse range of products and services, from satellite handheld devices to portable network management solutions and comprehensive VSAT-powered systems. We provide your employees with secure and reliable voice and data connectivity wherever and whenever needed, ensuring seamless communication across your enterprise. With our telecom enterprise solutions, you can elevate your business communication capabilities and drive sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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When workers can be located at all four corners of the earth, it is vital that remotely-based staff are able to stay connected with their co-workers and other businesses.

IEC Telecom’s mobile solutions for enterprise include satellite handheld devices, portable modems and VSAT solutions, all providing secure and reliable voice and/or data connectivity wherever and whenever needed.

With a large range of mobile, handheld and Wi-Fi enablers, IEC Telecom gives users access to voice and low speed data connectivity instantly, wherever they may be.


For companies employing teams in remote locations for extended periods of time, looking after both the business and personal requirements of their employees is important. IEC Telecom provides a flexible solution that will work for every member of your crew. Our voucher system generates personal access codes that allow workers to select the precise data bundle that best meets their individual needs. You can be sure that IEC Telecom will keep your team connected with access to messengers, social media, web browsing, infotainment and more, no matter how remote their location.


IEC Telecom provides the necessary bandwidth to ensure that offices are able to stay connected, no matter how remote the location is. Our broadband solutions enable multiple users to obtain secure and reliable connectivity, in order to access business-critical applications such as email, intranet, internet access, videoconferencing and large file transfers.

For many organisations, especially government bodies and financial institutions, a short-term interruption of operations can lead to huge losses. Our satellite solutions are designed to face such challenges, performing as back up to your terrestrial network. A minimal monthly contribution ensures your critical operations run continuously, protecting connectivity for key business applications, emails, web access and more. Whether you are in the banking sector, supply chain or are a large organisation with multi-level IT hierarchy, we have you covered.


A significant cost to businesses operating in remote areas is that of maintenance. Having to redeploy large numbers of staff to an isolated location in order to perform these tasks can be costly and inefficient. IEC Telecom’s remote monitoring and maintenance strategies can help to avoid costly system shutdowns and improve the efficiency of maintenance operations. This is all thanks to remote monitoring technology that takes data readings at set intervals and transfers this data back to head offices.

Additionally, solutions with Augmented Reality (AR) enable offsite experts to guide the hands of those working onsite. They are able to understand in real-time what is happening and see the issues almost as if through the eyes of onsite technicians.


With IEC Telecom you can be confident that all functions of your onsite equipment, including switches, routers and other endpoints that form the backbone of your computer fogging, can be managed and overseen remotely. This makes it possible for a small core of IT administrators to ensure that all critical functions work efficiently and smoothly at all times, no matter where in the world they are located.

The growth of the IoT and underlying M2M communications creates new challenges for enterprises. Expanded interconnectivity between devices means that the stakes are high for ensuring consistent, regular operation of IT infrastructure. IoT enables the tracking, collection and optimization of data usage for better decision making.


IEC can solve the need for real-time management of resources from position tracking, managing your remote assets or operations, and gives visibility into all areas of the supply chain, even the most critical. A wide range of applications can be operated using our high-performance M2M terminals. This includes systems for managing emergency responders, mobile fleets, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, along with high-value asset tracking.


Video intelligence helps to secure consistent performance of remote business units. It offers a way to monitor the security of business facilities and oversee human operations onsite. Key functionalities of remote surveillance include:

24/7 monitoring of business operations, both fixed and mobile
Smart intrusion detection
3D enhanced interpretation


IEC Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online and via telephone.

The entire service experience, from sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades, comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect. IEC Telecom’s focus is to provide you with an exceptional service experience, allowing you to concentrate on what you know best – your business. Our in-house billing portal will help you to control your budget, monitor your consumption, almost in real time, and manage your different satellite telecommunication assets.

With IEC Telecom your business infrastructures will be truly secure and reliably connected at all times.