With more than 25 years of experience, IEC Telecom Europe is one of the leading satellite service operators across Europe and Africa.

Founded in 1995, IEC Telecom Europe is proud to have served the Humanitarian Sector since 1998 with intensive expertise in onsite needs analysis and a true customer oriented operational team. Today, we support various UN agencies and NGOs in more than 150 countries. IEC Telecom Europe is a committed partner in the Humanitarian World.

Since 2008, IEC Telecom has also become one of the leading companies in the broadcast and event markets for L, Ku and Ka Bands.

In 2015, IEC Telecom Europe decided to ride the wave of the maritime sector and have a dedicated team to manage it. We quickly earned our Captain strips thanks to our presence on the pontoons. We are, today, one of the main satellite communications providers in the leisure, yachting, racing, and fishing markets.

IEC Telecom Europe provides extensive support to the enterprise customer in mining, oil & gas, construction, and transport industries.

Today, with offices around the globe, the communications expertise of the IEC Telecom Group is renowned in the humanitarian, maritime, and enterprise sectors.

IEC Telecom Europe is a member of Fédération des Industries Nautiques and compliant with United Nations Global Compact regulations.

IEC TELECOM Europe is Trace certified, demonstrating our commitment to commercial transparency and supply chain integrity.


  • We have more than 20 years of experience in Europe and Africa
  • We offer a unique network of technologies
  • We provide tailormade solutions for every project
  • We support your critical operations with our rapid logistics
  • We provide 24/7 support all year round
  • We save you money through our cost-saving approaches
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