Slim your communication costs with our optimised solutions for fishing vessels and crew, including cutting-edge satellite fishing technology. Our services will ensure that you comply more efficiently with regulations while providing you with the best technology and connections to meet your needs, whatever your vessel type or budget.
Our unique support service is available 24 hours a day – online and via telephone – in a wide range of languages. From sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades, we are committed to complementing your business with exceptional professionalism and expertise, including assistance with boat communication systems integration.
Above all, safety is critical in the fishing industry. Our solutions, including fishing satellite communication, will ensure that you are equipped for any emergency as well as always connected to the help you may need. Our comprehensive network of operators allows us to offer bespoke solutions over Ka, Ku, and L-Bands at least cost routing and inclusive of smart failover systems.
We offer a range of flexible regional tariff bundles, specifically tailored to your areas of operation, to help you avoid any potential issues such as overpayment. Moreover, if you require connectivity at minimal price, we can work with you to offer affordable solutions for your budget requirements, including satellite fishing options.
Our virtualization environment will offer you enormous flexibility for the installation of critical applications on your vessel and help you stay connected with advanced solutions enabled by IoT, ensuring seamless integration with satellite fishing technologies.

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Cost management is central to our communication solutions. We offer a range of flexible bundles, specifically tailored to your areas of operation, helping you to avoid issues such as overpayment.

Affordable Solution

For customers who require connectivity at minimal price, we can provide affordable solutions to meet all budget needs.

Safety and Emergency

Safety is critical, particularly in the fishing industry. We ensure our clients are equipped with reliable solutions for all their critical needs.

Network Flexibility

Thanks to our comprehensive network of satellite and cellular operators, we are able to offer tailored solutions using 3G, Ka, Ku and L-Bands, also incorporating least cost routing and smart failover systems.

Advanced Solutions Enabler IOT

Stay connected and up to date thanks to our virtualization environment which gives enormous flexibility for customers as well as enabling the installation of any specialised critical applications which they need for their vessels.

Local Management and SUPPORT

IEC Telecom’s unique support service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year; both online and via telephone, and available through a wide range of spoken languages – giving you the confidence to know your systems are supported at all times and wherever you are.

Our complete service experience – from sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades – comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect. IEC Telecom is committed to giving you an exceptional service experience, thus allowing you to concentrate on your business.