Reliable and secure communications are vital for the continued efficacy of all government and administration offices, and particularly, security and defence forces. Operational teams in the field require instant and continuous connectivity to headquarters within closed user groups regardless of the size of the network in use.

For the success of defence operations, rapid deployment is of top priority.  In response to this requirement, our portfolio includes a wide range of LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT HANDSETS as well as PORTABLE NETWORK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, enabling seamless switch between GSM & satellite links.

With the rise of new technologies, the internet has become a part of our day-to-day life, and the staff of special operations is no exception. To cater to this need, we will enable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technology, creating Wi-Fi areas that are powered by satcom in locations unserved by GSM coverage.

For sustained long-term requirements, we offer comprehensive network solutions that support HIGH-SPEED CYBER-PROTECTED LAN CONNECTIVITY for mission-critical communications as well as cost-effective filtered wireless connectivity for personal needs.

We can activate hundreds of satellite phone SIM cards within two hours and dispatch stocks of handsets, modems, and hardware to aid field teams kick-start their missions as soon as they hit the ground.

Covid-19 fuelled spread of digitalisation. With a help of our virtual solutions, network set up can be updated and upgraded remotely in short span of time without a need of having a dedicated engineer onsite. In addition, our cloud-based system offers a variety of applications enabling VIRTUAL OPERATIONS, INCLUDING VIDEOCONFERENCING, REMOTE MAINTENANCE, TELEMEDICINE and more.

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IEC Telecom is committed to providing bespoke communications technology whenever and wherever it matters most. Nowhere are reliable and easy to deploy communications solutions more critical than within the defense and special corps. Our lightweight and compact equipment ensures enhanced mobility and shorter reaction time for operational units. With our Push-To-Talk solutions, communication groups are pre-defined, enabling on call and field teams to be connected and ready to act at a moment’s notice.

Moreover, with our 24-hour service and globally responsive capabilities, IEC Telecom can activate hundreds of satellite phone SIM cards within two hours while urgently dispatching stocks of handsets, modems, and hardware to aid field teams that have to be constantly on call and ready to fly out for mission critical operations.


For longer term deployments and missions, IEC Telecom can cover any specific need and offer high broadband data connectivity ‘DSL-like’, so that teams can access and share high data volume, get a VPN connection, join videoconferencing, and more as per their evolving mission criteria.

IEC Telecom provides agile and affordable satcom solutions, enabling data exchange between operational units and headquarters to ensure the smooth operation of mission administration. Our bespoke connectivity services empower efficient management of all field needs from ammunition to food and medicine distribution.


IEC Telecom is proficient at setting up, maintaining, and upgrading connectivity requirements for the product’s lifetime. We make BYOD technology possible, by setting up Wi-Fi areas where mission staff members can connect to the internet using their own mobile or smart devices.

We also offer to develop a dedicated portal for critical data, mission criteria, field announcements, and ongoing administrative requirements as well as e-dashboards to control and monitor data consumption. Team leaders can, thus, easily ensure the welfare needs of their staff as well as maintain dedicated bandwidths for critical communications.


Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms form the backbone of successful missions. IEC Telecom provides lightweight and easy to set-up connectivity solutions that empower such critical functions on-the-move.

Uninterrupted and instant sharing of intelligence data can become challenging in different environmental conditions and terrains. IEC Telecom makes it easier by providing one single interconnection point for different locations and environments regardless of the used technology.


Using satcom solutions, field missions can be equipped with mobile telemedicine hubs – enabling access to medical records and remote real-time consultations, with the facility to set up online systems for administration coordination (scheduling appointments, procurement operation, accounting, etc.).

E-health programs can benefit locally-stationed doctors by providing them with the opportunity to hold advisory sessions with experienced professionals based in any clinic across the world.


For personnel deployed in long-term missions, opportunities for professional growth and development become scarce or challenging to access. IEC Telecom’s connectivity solutions enable team leaders to enhance the learning capabilities of their various team members as per evolving mission needs as well as allow each operational team member to pursue their educational goals no matter where they’re located.


Reliable back up and technical support is essential when satellite connectivity is crucial. IEC Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, online and via telephone. The entire service experience from sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect. IEC Telecom’s specialist teams take care of your connectivity requirements, enabling those operating in remote locations to concentrate on providing the essential services needed in the field.