Satcom enables smart e-learning environments onboard vessels

Satcom enables smart e-learning environments onboard vessels

23 May 2021

Innovative satellite technology and digital solutions are making a wide range of new onboard services readily available to seafarers. E-learning, especially over videoconferencing, is helping to upskill the maritime workforce. Not only do these virtual, cloud-based, digitalised training sessions happen in real-time, they accelerate learning as well as the operational efficiency of the crew. “Earlier, crew members had to wait for GSM network availability to access their corporate video libraries or call an expert. Onboard in-person trainings had to be meticulously scheduled subject to various external factors. Now, most of the learning happens over one-on-one tutoring and consultations dealing with a real case. The role of this tool cannot be overestimated, particularly with regards to the adoption of new onboard technologies,” says Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group. This new range of services optimises bandwidth to ensure reliable and cost-effective connectivity. The latest trend is live streaming via smart glasses for the crew. IEC Telecom is also working on a new file-transfer application that synchronises the file registry between ship and shore in real time.


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