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BEAM DriveDOCK for Iridium Extreme®

With in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies, BEAM DriveDOCK for Iridium Extreme® provides superior quality voice services for on-the-move use over the Iridium Extreme® handset. The docking cradle supports both handsfree and privacy handset calls in vehicles and aircraft. BEAM DriveDOCK for Iridium Extreme® features USB and serial data connectivity, Iridium Extreme® handset charging, integrated antenna cables, and permanently connected power for ready-to-use functionalities.

This product is currently not type-approved for sale, purchase, or use within the UAE. For more information, please contact our regional office.

Key Points
Iridium Extreme® handset charging
In-built echo cancelling
Handsfree and compact
Tracking and SOS via Iridium Extreme®
Robust design and construction