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BEAM LiteDOCK for Iridium Extreme®

Purposefully built to utilise the SOS emergency functionality, BEAM LiteDOCK for Iridium Extreme® is the ideal docking station for the Iridium Extreme® handset. The dock features an in-built GPS coupling capability to connect an external antenna, a side headset jack for voice calls, a USB data port, phone charging, and integrated Iridium® and GPS antenna. BEAM LiteDOCK for Iridium Extreme® allows an Iridium® or compatible handsfree earpiece to be connected while docked, and enables the Iridium Extreme® handset to be inserted or removed with a simple click-to-lock mechanism.

This product is currently not type-approved for sale, purchase, or use within the UAE. For more information, please contact our regional office.

Key Points
Iridium Extreme® handset charging
Integrated GPS antenna
Supports handsfree for Iridium Extreme® speakerphone
Supports voice, text messaging, SBD, and circuit-switched data
Easy and convenient installation