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With the fastest L-band broadband service in the market, Certus® C 700 can be deployed as the primary onboard communications antenna or as a companion to the existing VSAT system. Offering truly global pole-to-pole coverage, the terminal is powered by the Iridium Certus® network of 66 LEO satellites and simultaneously supports three HD quality, low-latency voice lines as well as uplink speeds of 352 Kbps and downlink speeds of 704 Kbps to ensure seamless connectivity in all weather conditions. The all-in-one Certus® C 700 terminal is a solid-state antenna with no moving parts, requiring no scheduled maintenance over its lifetime, and provides excellent performance during any ship motion and low satellite elevation angles.

This product is currently not type-approved for sale, purchase, or use within the UAE. For more information, please contact our regional office.

Key Points
Fastest L-band broadband service
Pole-to-pole coverage
12-element patch technology
HD quality voice lines
No maintenance required over operational lifetime