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The IC-SAT100 provides the loud, crisp Iridium® Push-to-Talk service in a highly durable handheld radio with the user attributes of a terrestrial LMR.

Thanks to its simple & easy-to-use user interface with robust body, it can be used for group calls (up to 15 groups) and is largely independent of terrestrial infrastructure. Users can immediately start talking to all the radios in the same talk-group by just pushing the transmit (PTT) button.

IC-SAT100 offers secure conversations with AES 256-bit encryption.

This product is currently not type-approved for sale, purchase, or use within the UAE. For more information, please contact our regional office.

Key Points
Total coverage including the poles
Independent of terrestrial infrastructure
Uses the Iridium® PTT service and interoperates with VHF/UHF, HF, LTE, IP-based phones
Transmit an emergency call to preprogrammed users with holding down the key
Offers secure conversations with AES 256-bit encryption