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Intellian v100NX Ka

v100NX Ka delivers accurate satellite tracking performance, covering GEO, MEO, and LEO constellations. It can easily convert from Ka- to Ku-band. As a future-proof convertible antenna system, v100NX Ka supports 2.5 GHz Ka- wideband networks with a tuned radome and reflector. It operates on standardised modular components to reduce the number of spare parts by more than 30%. IEC Telecom offers Intellian’s NX series antennas to enable connectivity over multiple satcom services and optimise the entire VSAT lifecycle with a low cost of ownership.

Key Features
GEO/MEO/LEO constellations coverage
Converts from Ka- to Ku-band
Single cable solution
Streamlined dual antenna operation
AptusNX antenna management system
Standardised modular components