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Intellian v85NX

A future-proof Ku- to Ka-band convertible VSAT antenna, v85NX supports dual antenna operations with an embedded mediator radome. It can be mounted on smaller vessels and gives them access to 1m designed networks. v85NX is designed to track non-geostationary (NGSO) satellites. Standardised modular components reduce the number of spare parts by more than 30%. It is ideal for commercial ships, the oil and gas industry, and mission-critical operations. IEC Telecom offers Intellian’s NX series antennas to enable connectivity over multiple satcom services and optimise the entire VSAT lifecycle with a low cost of ownership.


Key Features
Future-proof system
Converts from Ku- to Ka-band
AptusNX antenna management platform
Embedded dual antenna mediator
Standardised modularised components
Simple installation