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Thuraya WE

Stay connected everywhere you go with the new Thuraya Satellite and 4G/LTE Hotspot. The WE is the first dual mode hotspot developed to converge satellite with terrestrial communications. No matter where you are, stay in touch at all times. Easy to use, the WE automatically switches between satellite and GSM networks using a simple button on the dedicated app. Transform your WE into a Wi-Fi hotspot and access the internet in a 30m range. Connect up to 10 smart devices on your hotspot.

Key Points
A single SIM for satellite & LTE usage
Flexible connection between both networks (automatic or manual selection)
A dedicated & easy to use web interface to manage network selection, data consumption, systems alerts and access settings
Lightweight and compact device to carry everywhere and stay connected
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Get the most out of your Thuraya WE with our business applications optimized to deliver a high-end user experience over L-band. Do not limit your communication. Stay connected for business and leisure wherever you go!

Hands-free streaming solution with voice control functionality
Cost-effective email management service for a single subscription
Flawless messaging & videoconferencing in and ultra-low bandwidth environment

Ensure business continuity in areas with no/limited GSM coverage by using the terminal as a back-up. Thuraya WE also helps remote workers to preserve social bonds by serving as a gateway to their favourite messaging apps.

use cases
  • Need for mobile, flexible, and easy-to-deploy solutions for instant communication in areas with no/limited GSM coverage
  • Corporate/mission-specific applications not accessible in remote areas
  • Easy-to-use device with user friendly interface, enabling instant connection in remote areas
  • Corporate applications made accessible to all teams and missions no matter how remote
  • Back-up for GSM network
  • Many polling stations are based in areas with limited/no GSM coverage
  • High possibility of network shutdowns at national/district levels
  • Cost-effective back-up for GSM network
  • Business continuity enabled via messengers, email service, and videoconferencing
  • Voice & data for emergency communications
  • Important updates and instructions not communicated in time, resulting in loss of valuable time and additional costs
  • Safety of remote workers
  • Virtual troubleshooting and guidance provided over a hands-free headset reduces the need to keep an extended team onsite; thus, reducing the total cost of maintenance in hard-to-reach locations
  • Portable and dependable solution for corporate communication from anywhere
  • Improved safety for remote operations
  • Voice & data for emergency communications
  • Away from family and friends for prolonged time periods
  • Interruption in business communications due to delayed instructions and slow exchange of important updates pose risks to sustainability of the operational cycle
  • Personal: staying in touch with friends and family for love and support no matter how far the journey is extended
  • Business: operational continuity via email services and videoconferencing specially optimised for low bandwidth environments