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Thuraya XT-PRO

Thuraya XT-Pro is one of the most advanced satellite phones. It is ruggedized and equipped with long battery life, ensuring connectivity no matter where you go. It is the first satellite phone with built-in GPS, Beidou and Glonass capability for highest flexibility in all regions. Its large display comes with hardened Gorilla glass for harsh environments. Make phone calls, send messages in satellite mode, use a satellite data connection to send and receive emails or browse the web with a connected laptop or PC. For emergencies, it has a dedicated SOS button with advanced navigation and tracking features.

Key Points
Global navigation satellite system: select the preferred navigation system and choose between GPS, Beidou and Glonass
Longest talk-time on any satellite phone: up to 100 hours in stand-by time and 9 hours in talk time
Glare resistant Gorilla glass display
Dedicated SOS button: even if the phone is switched off, simply press and holds the SOS button to trigger emergency service (call and/or SMS) to any pre-programmed number
Compact and rugged design
Call, SMS, fax and internet connectivity in satellite mode