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Designed especially for compact speedy boats, OneGate-M is a powerful remote network management solution that comes equipped with a customisable dashboard. Agile, lightweight, and easy to install, it can remotely manage traffic, alter access levels as well as add, update or upgrade new applications. With an inbuilt WiFi controller and a superior cybersecurity toolkit, it delivers the best user experience at a competitive fee. OneGate-M offers the ultimate visibility of the onboard network with the skipper and onshore team always in sync. Learn more about OneGate M key features in the video.

Key Points
Local customisable dashboard
Advanced two-stage filtration
Local WiFi controller
Lightweight and easy-to-install
Easily expanded with IEC Telecom applications

Access the ultimate connectivity experience for compact speedy boats with remote network management over a fully bespoke dashboard. OneGate-M offers secure, flexible, and superior applications at a competitive fee.