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Prism PTT+

PRISM PTT+ is the perfect connectivity solution for a unified communications network that encompasses radio (LMR/DMR), cellular (3G/LTE), and satellite. With no need to build expensive infrastructure and seamless network failover, this incredible communications platform keeps costs low and optimises business processes. It ensures reduced lifecycle maintenance and equipment costs. Operating over EXPLORER Mobile Gateway (for one-the-move voice and data services), EXPLORER BGAN Satellite Antenna (integrated modem and antenna to access Inmarsat L-band network), and PRISM Portal (for user device and talk group management), Prism PTT+ enables you to track your assets in real-time, set priority PTT (Push-to-Talk) sessions, and ensures constant connections between frontline, dispatch, and inter-agency teams for maximum efficiency.

Key Points
Priority PTT (Push-to-Talk) sessions for maximum efficiency
Seamless least cost routing over radio, LTE, and satellite networks
No need to build new communications infrastructure
Reduced lifecycle maintenance and equipment costs
Easily integrates with legacy networks