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Designed specially to deliver reliable connectivity to remote workers, Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is a portable network management solution that brings the full benefits of digitalisation to the field. Lightweight and durable, RDK supports videoconferencing, remote maintenance, and telemedicine in the most challenging areas. It can seamlessly switch to 4G in areas with GSM coverage with least cost routing, and a digital dashboard allows monitoring of data consumption and network status, thus, enabling cost optimisation. With bandwidth optimisation up to 2Mbps user experience, a flexible voucher system, and advanced UTM security, RDK is the perfect future-ready connectivity solution no matter how remote the location.

Key Points
Bandwidth optimisation up to 2Mbps user experience
Digital dashboard for full network visibility
Seamless switch to 4G with least cost routing
Optimised applications for remote maintenance, videoconferencing, and more
Lightweight, durable, and portable