OptiCLOUD is an IEC Telecom platform that delivers an incredible set of value-added services complementing your existing satcom resources. This set of services enables the optimal use of satellite line bandwidth and offers full visibility of your satellite assets. From cyber security and WAN optimization to live monitoring and reporting, the OptiCLOUD platform covers it all.

The password-protected, cloud-based interface of the OptiCLOUD Dashboard allows you to control predefined filters around the clock from any corporate location, provides a detailed qualitative content analysis of all traffic activity for a predefined time period, and enables real-time threat control, consumption alerts, and credit limits. With access to traffic content and volume as well as active support from the IEC Telecom network team, prioritize business traffic and control access on an ongoing basis.

You can easily connect all your remote sites with the headquarters using IEC Telecom’s infrastructure, secure your satcom assets, and ensure quick access to critical applications no matter where you are located. With OptiCLOUD, you’re assured of seamless connectivity to all your remotes through software VPN service, and dedicated landline service (POP-based in London). Moreover, you benefit from a low total cost of ownership due to IEC Telecom hosted optimizers.

Key Points
OptiCLOUD Dashboard: Ensure seamless and password-protected access to mission-critical applications and satellite links across L-Band and VSAT gateway solutions. Monitor the real-time status of all terminals and their bandwidth consumption, prioritize business traffic, access 3D route histories, and receive a detailed analysis of all activity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Filtering & Usage Control: Restrict usage via a White List (as per allowed websites), Smart Filter (as per allowed categories), and Application Filter (as per established web access policies). IEC Telecom’s unique technology editor continuously updates a list of websites and sorts their content. Set credit limits to avoid a “bill shock” at the end of the month.
Bandwidth Optimization: Accelerate and compress data airtime traffic and reduce airtime costs via IEC Telecom’s proprietary infrastructure. Up to 30% of bandwidth usage can be saved by limiting redundant content, bonding modems, automatic link switching, and cached data traffic.