OptiShield is an advanced cyber security toolkit that has been designed keeping the ever-evolving needs of ICT professionals in mind. With OptiShield, you are guaranteed top-tier protection for your onboard network as well as support in enforcing IMO compliance on your vessel. You can enhance visibility and control over your inventories, both software and hardware, over an intuitive dashboard. Moreover, OptiShield offers advanced threat protection against exploits and malware along with sandbox integration.

OptiShield is a unique cyber security offering in the market today with its 24/7 cyber response team that ensures timely and critical action against cyber-attacks. Its advanced IPS service utilises the latest threat intelligence in the market.

Moreover, OptiShield is delivered over unified modular software that includes compliance, protection, and secure access. With OptiShield, you can step up to an advanced level of cyber security today.


Key Features
24/7 Cyber Response Team: Access real-time support from a dedicated team of cyber security experts. The combination of the latest threat intelligence and qualified technical personnel takes your cyber security to the next level.
Advanced Threat Protection: Investigate incidents in real-time and establish policies for automated responses. The seamless integration between the endpoint anti-virus and the next-generation firewall provides native endpoint visibility, vulnerability management, and compliance control.
Centralised System Management: Benefit from a new generation of anti-virus software with a simplified management and deployment process. From automatically sharing data with customer endpoints to conducting sandbox analysis, administrators can quickly contain incidents and prevent further outbreaks.