OptiVIEW is an IEC Telecom platform that provides you complete visibility over all your satellite communication links. With the OptiVIEW online dashboard, you can quickly access the current status of each satellite line, assess the distribution of bandwidth between corporate and crew consumption (latest accessible via e-vouchers), control filters remotely, and much more.

Not only does the OptiVIEW Dashboard allow you to control predefined filters from any corporate location, it also enables you to monitor the usage over critical lines and set notifications for data consumption. You can also configure credit limits to automatically suspend specific lines as soon as the limit is reached. With active support from the IEC Telecom network team, you can prioritize business traffic and control access on an ongoing basis.

OptiVIEW offers the possibility to access detailed weather conditions based on the location of the VSAT being used as well as the signal levels of the antennas being used. IT managers can properly forecast any future degradation of service, schedule maintenance windows, and manage crew data consumption and future provisioning.

Key Features
OptiVIEW Dashboard: Access complete subscription information and monitor the current status of each satellite link. Generate a detailed usage report based on visited websites and applications as well as the blocked requests on-site and onboard. Use the OneGate box to get even more from the online dashboard such as the current GPS location, the path of the vessel, and more.
Advanced Filtration Management: Control filters remotely and disable any specific profile with immediate effect. Adjust access settings to apply a more restrictive profile at any given time or enable a larger number of categories to ease the restrictions.
Bandwidth Optimization: Get a detailed bandwidth usage graph per network to visually gauge and compare the status of each on-site or onboard satellite link. Assess the distribution of bandwidth between corporate and crew welfare activities.