Surveillance portfolio

IEC Telecom offers a wide range of innovative solutions for high-precision surveillance that have been optimised for a low bandwidth environment. With access to clear visual data from a remote site, complex operations can be managed more efficiently in real-time due to the efficient collaboration between off-site experts and required field personnel. Not only does this reduce logistical, human resource, and communication costs, it ensures the safety of the onsite staff no matter where the mission takes place.


Empowered by special integrated protocols and tools for a low bandwidth environment, this interactive solution enables users to quickly share images and video clips from the remote mission in real-time. Decision-makers can, then, easily select the visual areas of interest to be transferred in high resolution, thereby increasing the efficiency of the bandwidth while maintaining the quality of data transferred.

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Designed for videostreaming at low data rates, this software-only solution offers users with the flexibility to select bit rate, frame rate, and resolution to allow more precision for any given area of interest, thus, enabling cost-efficient decision-making. With HD quality <200kbps and SD quality at 50kbps, this incredible solution is particularly useful for video transfers over satellite or UAVs.

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Situational awareness via a reliable communication system has gained prime importance in the maritime industry to enable efficient maintenance, management, and remote inspections. With optimised data transfers that are 100 times quicker over this surveillance solution, decision-makers can ensure the safety of the crew and security of inventories being transported.


Effective rescue missions are a result of accurate data collection and communications from the site. This innovative surveillance solution enables secure and flexible crowdsourcing via smart devices for real-time analysis and decision-making even in a low bandwidth environment.


With rapid advances in aerial inspection of offshore oil rigs and the movement of support vessels as well as the increased need for security of key assets, access to high quality visual content over this brilliant surveillance solution enables decision-makers to increase the efficiency of the workflow at a reduced cost.


High precision visual data shared over an optimised bandwidth enables effective maintenance and surveillance of remote assets in real-time. This state-of-the-art solution offers access to remote expert advice so that field personnel can efficiently manage human risks and operational costs.


Access to real-time critical communications via high precision image and video clips can mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful missions. This groundbreaking surveillance solution empowers decision-makers with the most relevant data over an end-to-end encrypted protocol.