Connecting Africa: Satcom's Role in the 2023/2024 Year Book

Connecting Africa: Satcom’s Role in the 2023/2024 Year Book

20 Dec 2023

The African space economy is valued at$19.49 billion and projected to grow by 16.16% by 2026. The rate at which the African space economy is flourishing is beyond even Africa’s GDP growth. In a conversation with African Wireless, Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO – Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group, shared, “We believe that connectivity serves a greater social cause and paves the way towards prosperity. We are committed to supporting e-learning opportunities, e-medicine, and food security in Africa. Today, our team operates under one roof to fuel innovation and digital transformation in Africa. With our satellite communications portfolio, we have been able to empower women’s education in the Maasai community and are actively involved in projects for the healthcare, government, and enterprise sectors.” Approximately 45% of Africa’s population lives more than 10km away from any fibre optic network infrastructure. 16 countries are landlocked. This is where satellite communications can offer a reliable connectivity experience and complement existing terrestrial and sub-marine networks. Business continuity is a key priority for the satcom sector. Besides communications, it is also about the ability to run digital processes no matter where operations take place. Read more about how satellite connectivity is unlocking the growth and development opportunities in Africa in the article below:



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