Connectivity ‘vital’ for business continuity

Connectivity ‘vital’ for business continuity

11 Mar 2022

Mobile satellite communications are revolutionising the operations of maritime, aeronautical, enterprise businesses and governments worldwide. End users expect to experience in their remote office the equivalent throughput that they have at home. The need for connectivity across shipping and offshore operations has become more apparent during the pandemic. Satellite connectivity formed a vital link between the onboard crew members and their loved ones. From a business perspective, vessels that were already equipped with VSAT remained operational and maintained business continuity, gaining a competitive edge.

There has been a significant increase in demand for corporate apps, serving as the backbone behind business continuity. OneGate was developed to provide seamless VSAT/L-band switch at least cost routing. In 2021, IEC Telecom presented a range of optimised applications supporting a portfolio of advanced digital services, including videoconferencing, remote maintenance, telemedicine and more, even in low-bandwidth environments. Moreover, there has been a significant increase in interest in cybersecurity packages, and IEC Telecom has developed an extensive portfolio of security solutions optimised for the maritime environment. IEC Telecom supports the business continuity of customer operations by enabling IT personnel to retrieve data following an interruption and keeps mission-critical and crew welfare networks segregated with multiple access levels.




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