Cyber Security Comes First:  IMO 2021 Compliance
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Cyber Security Comes First: IMO 2021 Compliance

10 Jan 2021

With the International Safety Management (ISM) Code for cyber-security coming into effect on January 1, 2021, all vessels will need to ensure effective cyber risk management and preparedness at all levels of an organisation. An appropriate level of awareness and the efficient implementation of risk control processes and measures is paramount in this era of digitalisation.

IEC Telecom has seen a significant increase in interest in cyber-security packages and developed an extensive portfolio of security solutions that are specially optimised for the maritime environment:

  • A multi-layer cyber security package will safeguard onboard systems from all known viruses and detect new potential threats.
  • IEC Telecom will support the business continuity of customer operations by enabling IT personnel to retrieve data following an interruption.
  • To minimise risk of contamination originating from personal devices, IEC Telecom will keep mission-critical and crew welfare networks segregated with multiple access levels.
  • IEC Telecom will provide remote deployment of software update patches as well as replicate data between ship and shore.

When any deficiency in anti-viral software and security systems can render a vessel ‘unseaworthy’, it is crucial to ensure business continuity with a comprehensive cyber security policy onboard. Prioritise your company’s readiness for cyber security measures and ensure compliance with the IMO 2021 regulations with our state-of-the-art security solutions. LEARN MORE IN THE 2021 IEC TELECOM CYBER GUIDELINES.

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