Demand for Maritime Connectivity Soars Following Conflict in Ukraine
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Demand for Maritime Connectivity Soars Following Conflict in Ukraine

11 Mar 2022

With 76,000+ Ukrainian and 198,000+ Russian seafarers understandably worried and trying to keep in touch with family and friends, ship operators are reporting increased demand for bandwidth, speed, and dependable onboard communication systems. IEC Telecom has observed its network traffic rising by 30% in the past month, accounted for just over the past week and attributable to increased calls to Ukraine.

In line with its commitment to humanitarian initiatives, IEC Telecom has significantly reduced the cost of calls to Ukraine, now priced at 35 US cents per minute. IEC Telecom is also offering ship operators a 20% discount on scratch cards to use for calls anywhere in the world and has doubled its maritime data services.

« Securing your onboard communications system is vital to help your crew keep in touch with their homes. A fixed onboard voice terminal such as Thuraya MarineStar costs the same as a mobile phone to operate. What today is helping Ukrainian seafarers, could help your crew tomorrow, » says Nabil Ben Soussia, CCO and President – Asia, Middle East, and CIS, IEC Telecom Group. Read more about this quick and efficient means to ensure connectivity at sea during unprecedented circumstances at Thuraya MarineStar – IEC Telecom (

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