Digital transformation creates opportunities for growth in vulnerable communities

Digital transformation creates opportunities for growth in vulnerable communities

16 May 2024

An “unconnected” 2.85 billion of the global population is based predominantly in Southern & Eastern Asia and Africa, regions heavily dependent on humanitarian support. Besides bridging the connectivity gap, satellite communications deliver opportunities for digitalisation – and, therefore, increasing levels of economic and social development. From being able to access digital libraries to connecting with professional educators over video calls, students now have access to basic education over satcom solutions. Memusi Hope Foundation serves as a great example. In partnership with Moringa School & IEC Telecom Group, KENIC Limited, Huawei Technologies, and Santos Okotta, the foundation delivered Entaisere é Kenya, an education programme to equip young girls with software development skills and possible employment. In the healthcare sector, satellite-based connectivity solutions can enable governments, NGOs, and private healthcare institutions to extend their medical programmes to remote communities. Satcom can be used by governments for crop monitoring and predictive analysis, helping to boost agricultural yields in regions experiencing prolonged drought and significant geopolitical challenges. With increasing LEO technology adoption, the market dynamics of Africa will change significantly. At $7.3 billion value, the satellite ecosystem in Africa is geared towards increasing its own satcom capacity. READ MORE about the future of connectivity in Africa in the recent publication by Daria Boiko, Director – Distribution Channel at IEC Telecom, for Inside Telecom.




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