Digitally-driven Services are the Future of Satellite Communications

Digitally-driven Services are the Future of Satellite Communications

05 Nov 2022

IEC Telecom is committed to empowering vessel owners with integrated and scalable communication services that ensure improved safety for the crew and better working conditions onboard small and mid-sized vessels. The fishing industry, in general, and the Spanish fishing sector, in particular, is an important market for the company.

At Navalia 2022, the most important trade show for this sector in Spain, IEC Telecom showcased Iridium GMDSS, which delivers safety services at 25% of the cost of current equipment, enabling more fishing vessels to access life-saving and efficient sea-to-shore communications. In addition, IEC Telecom presented its VSAT offer for mid-sized vessels over the GX60 NX Ka/Ku terminal, which can easily be installed and quickly deployed.

While committed to future-proofing the fishing industry, IEC Telecom is also readying itself for the future of satellite communications. “In this ever-evolving landscape, we are gradually shifting focus from the material world (hardware) to a virtual space (via an innovative range of applications and digitally-driven services) provided on an As-a-Service mode. We expect that the next big thing in satcom will be the broad adoption of AI-driven platforms,” says Gwenaël Loheac, President – Europe and West Africa, IEC Telecom Group. Read more in the article below.



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