Exploring the world with IEC Telecom: 2018 in review

Exploring the world with IEC Telecom: 2018 in review

20 Dec 2018

At IEC Telecom, we like to take an active role in the communities we operate in across the world. For years now, a big part of our corporate identity has been to provide communications support for scientific expeditions. While teams focus on physical preparedness and logistical concerns, IEC Telecom ensures smooth communications support whether it is to explore the unspoiled nature of Kazakhstan or climb the Everest. Our satcom solutions enable critical connectivity even in remote locations. In 2018, we’ve sponsored 4 expeditions, 2 races, a charity project, and an eco tour.

In April, extreme sports fans were able to follow Maxut Jumayev’s journey to the top of Mount Everest in real-time due to him actively uploading and broadcasting via the Thuraya XT Lite satellite phone and Thuraya IP+ terminal. He remained in touch with his family during all 45 days of his expedition, even at 8,000 metres above sea level. “Satellite equipment provided by IEC Telecom has never let me down, even 8 kilometers above sea level,” said Jumayev.

Our second important expedition followed French sportsmen Sandro d’Aloia and Frederic Blond on the Crosswind Greenland project. As they traversed 2,500 km from the south to north of Greenland, IEC Telecom provided the explorers with a WiFi hotspot, the Iridium GO!, that provides voice and data capabilities where traditional networks don’t exist or are not stable.

In May, IEC Telecom provided constant communications support to the research team from Kazakhstan National Geographic Society (QazaqGeography) on their 20 day expedition to the Aral Sea. As the scientists, photographers, and journalists collected data on one of the worst environmental disasters, the Thuraya IP and Thuraya IP+ satellite terminals enabled them to quickly forward reports and photos to the main office, even on the 2,000 km off-road path of their 7,000 km route.

During the summer months, IEC Telecom satcom solutions supported a race organized by Action Contre La Faim, a French NGO, to help in raising funds for malnourished children, and sponsored a 12-day eco tour of the Northern Tian-Shan area to contribute to the popularity of Kazakhstan tourism. The Thuraya XT Lite satellite phone and Thuraya IP+ terminal helped explorers stay connected even where cellular and terrestrial networks are not available.

In August and September, IEC Telecom together with the travel company Campit organized a series of tours to the unexplored areas of Eastern Kazakhstan, including Kolsai Lake, Lake Kaindy, Assy Plateau, Turgen, Sibinsky Lakes, Rakhman Sources, Mount Belukha, and Cave of Ak-mosque. These routes include areas where GSM connection is not available. The Thuraya XT Lite and Thuraya IP+ enabled travellers to be in touch with their families, stay safe, and share news on social media.

We ended the year with a transatlantic yacht race, La Rout du Rhum. The 15 French teams were provided with FleetOne, FleetBroadBand 250, FleetBroadBand 500, Iridium GO!, Openport, and Iridium phones to stay connected even through the most remote parts of their journey and during any potential emergency.

“At IEC Telecom, we understand how important connectivity can be during a dangerous expedition, remote tours or scientific trips. Explorers need to prepare for satellite equipment as carefully as they prepare for warm clothes and food,” shared Dominique Audion, Chief Operations Officer, IEC Telecom Middle-East & Asia. Next year, we hope to support even more interesting projects with satellite equipment. Stay connected with us.

A spotlight on some of our sponsored projects in 2018.

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