Global maritime industry trends fast-tracked by digital transformation

Global maritime industry trends fast-tracked by digital transformation

14 Dec 2022

Digital connectivity facilitates a range of communications including: onboard training in real-time, specialist medical assistance, and better connection between management and employees. The maritime sector is witness to seafarers’ recruitment and retention being closely tied with the facilitation of crew communications. Many job offers now routinely emphasise the availability of onboard internet access, safety solutions, and individual sensors for better work coordination as well as real-time health information transfers, making a life working at sea seem attractive to new crew members. “The cumulative effect of these improvements leads to decreased fuel consumption and decarbonisation, ultimately making sea life safe and primed for sustainable growth. As more vessels become connected, there is a greater emphasis on cyber security,” says Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO – Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group. “The separation of corporate and crew welfare environments ensures that critical infrastructure remains intact. Designed as a scalable and future-ready solution, IEC Telecom’s OneGate network management system components can be replaced, updated or upgraded as and when the opportunity arises,” he shares. Read more about how digital connectivity is transforming the maritime sector in the article below.



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